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Progress, But Will It Work?!

    So… Despite having the new child and being much shorter on time, there has been progress.  I am approaching 200 Kanji memorized!  Heisig’s RTK philosophy is interesting.  Learning the Kanji in English IS easier than learning them in Japanese, I believe, but I’ve been taking a bit of flack from friends and co-workers who doubt that this new way of learning Japanese will work.  Of course, these nay-sayers have never really checked in to “the program”, so they really don’t understand what they are criticizing.

I’ve told several people this, and I’ll say it to all of my happy readers who chance upon the site.  MARK MY WORDS!  In 2 years I will be speaking Japanese, and not the broken Japanese of someone who’s taken a few courses.  REAL Japanese.  I’ll be reading books and fluent.  You just watch.  If after two years I’m not much further than I am now, I’ll eat crow.  Heck, I’ll eat my shoe.  Seriously.  I’ll post pics too.  On the other hand, if all goes well, not only will I be fluent, but my wife, my two sons, and myself will all be living in Japan. (This latter part may take a little longer as I’ve got a lot to learn about what work will be available to me in Japan, and how to go about getting that work.)  So.. on with the show!