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My Game Idea

    I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a game to help people learn Kanji.  See, here’s the general idea.  You pull up the game, and sign in.  The system asks you the highest Heisig RTK Kanji frame number that you know.  You then drop into the game with all the other players.  You are given a Kanji meaning and given 10-15 seconds to write that Kanji on a little drawing pad on the screen using your mouse (or a stylus if you have a touch screen).  Once the time is up, everybody’s drawings are shown to everybody else next to the Kanji they should have drawn, and everyone commences rating the accuracy and penmanship of the other players.  Once all ratings are in, the system shows the winners for the round in 3 categories: accuracy, penmanship, and speed. (The system handles the speed rating.)  The points in each category are added up and the players are ranked according to score for the round.  When a player leaves the game, the system saves their accumulated points.  Each day, week, and month the rankings are updated so a player can see how they fare in relation to other players.  At the end of the month, the “Kanji Champion” is determined.  His or her name go down on the Champion’s list, and everybody’s stats are cleared.

I am so tempted to write this.  It sounds like it could be a LOT of fun.  I *am* a programmer, but my web programming skills have slipped a bit due to disuse.  Perhaps it’s time to dust off the ol’ Perl, PHP, or Java cap and go to work…  I’d be interested to hear your comments, suggestions, and ideas on the game.  Speak up man! (or woman!)