A More Helpfull Blog…

I’ve been thinking… Just blogging about my progress is note only unhelpful to others, it’s probably incredibly boring. My original concept for this blog was that it was more for me than anyone else. The more I think about it, the more I am convinced that I need to do MORE. You see, Khatzumoto’s Blog is great, and there is a LOT of stuff there, but there isn’t much organization. By this I mean, aside from a few categories, you have to search for what you need. This is good and bad. It is bad because this is time consuming and you can “lose” the viewer if they get bored. On the other hand, this is really good because it forces you to examine articles that you might otherwise have missed. You can see something that catches your eye and learn more. Great stuff.

So what’s the big deal then? Khatzumoto has a great site, and we don’t need another one, right? Right. We don’t need another Khatzumoto site. There are, however, some needs of the community that I believe are not met by Khatzumoto. Specifically, a forum area to share experiences, and more tools to help the community. (Please don’t take this as any sort of criticism of Khatzumoto’s site. He’s doing a great job and there is NOTHING wrong with his site.)

To that end, I think I will change the format here. Over the next few days I will be moving the blog over to my paid web hosting. I will then start running software(probably geeklog) that allows me to impliment some of my plans. if you’d like to help, let me know. More to come…


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